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Medicare Set-aside Agreement
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Expert Witness and Reporting Services

Expert Services at PlanPoint

No two cases are exactly alike.  Taking the time to understand the unique scenario and the complex nature of each claim is a task we take very seriously and execute daily on a case-by-case basis.  Understanding your needs and your timeline is equally important.


We specialize in Medical Cost Projection, Medicare Secondary Payer Compliance ("MSP") and Life Care Planning.

PlanPoint offers a wealth of experience in claim resolution and technology that allows for accurate, timely, defensible, and credible expert reporting and total claim value assessments.

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Why PlanPoint?

PlanPoint is your direct access to forefront of technology and innovation in expert witness reporting and Medicare Secondary Payer Compliance.  We educate nationwide in the industry, from inception. 


With decades of combined claim resolution experience, projection of future medical costs and Medicare Secondary Payer Compliance is our expertise.  PlanPoint is your partner and will assist you to with their knowledge in all facets of claim resolution, every step of the way.


Personal service and a professional, friendly experience while executing credible and defensible expert reporting is our legacy. We will work with you to get you the solutions you require, in the timeframe you specify.

Learn more about what PlanPoint can do for you.

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