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PlanPoint is an expert witness service executing cost projection and Medicare Secondary Payer Act compliance based in the greater Philadelphia region and providing services nationwide.  Established in 2008, PlanPoint core business philosophies include providing value, loyalty, customer service, and transparency. 

Get to Know Us

Leslie Schumacher
Founder, President Emeritus
Brian Schumacher

About PlanPoint

At PlanPoint, Leslie Schumacher continues to be the guiding force behind the PlanPoint core philosophy and success. She is and will continue to be an inspiration to the industry.


As we embark on a new chapter at PlanPoint, we proudly introduce Brian Schumacher as the torchbearer, assuming the role of President and Principal. Brian brings with him not only high expectations but also a steadfast commitment to delivering the same professional, knowledgeable, and friendly service our customers have always counted on.

Brian's journey began at the very heart of PlanPoint, under the mentorship and tutelage of Leslie Schumacher from the company's inception in 2008. As a dedicated protégé, Brian's focus has been on enhancing transparency and elevating the overall customer experience.


With this transition, we're excited to maintain our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional service.

PlanPoint Clients Are...

...Stakeholders in Injury Claims...

...attorneys, insurance providers, self-insurance providers, and third-party administrators who seek to optimize their process and focus on their core services.


...those who seek out advantageous positions and peace of mind with timely, efficient, and accurate reporting while mitigating risk and adverse consequences.


...professionals who understand the significance of focusing on their core services and appreciate the value of outsourcing compliance and administrative tasks to trusted partners, enabling them to excel in their specialized roles.

...Nationwide Practitioners...

...handling injury claims across multiple jurisdictions, seeking dependable solutions that surpasses geographical limitations.


...experts that understand the value and benefit of having specialists handle aspects of a claim that may not be a core function of their business model.

As a company, PlanPoint offers services to all parties to settlement working towards case resolution.  PlanPoint is a national provider of expert witness, cost projection, and Medicare Secondary Payer Act compliance.  We are available throughout the full timeline of the claim process, up to and including Medicare Secondary Payer Compliance, and we are committed to the development of the most accurate and defensible reporting possible.

The PlanPoint Way

PlanPoint engages the expertise of certified professionals to produce meticulous and credible reports that adhere to the utmost standards of professionalism and precision. Each plan is meticulously crafted and quality-checked by recognized experts in their respective fields.


At PlanPoint, we rely on Certified Medicare Secondary Payer Professionals to guide clients through every facet of their Medicare Secondary Payer requirements. With a collective expertise spanning nearly three decades, our team possesses the highest level of credentials and unparalleled industry experience.

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