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We Are PlanPoint

Guiding the way through Medicare Secondary Payer Compliance

Executing Medicare Secondary Payer Compliance for Two Decades

PlanPoint team members have executed Medicare Secondary Payer Compliance since 1997!

The goal is to excel at the customer experience while providing a product of the highest quality that promotes unquestioned confidence.

  Brian Schumacher, MSCC, CMSP-f, CMCPS
Since 1997, Medicare Secondary Payer Compliance is a work of passion and an artform.  I welcome the opportunity to educate and enlighten.
Founder, President Emeritus

  Leslie Schumacher,
Quality is the heart of great customer service.  Do it right, the first time, you'll never need a second chance to do it again.
Chief Executive Officer

  Robert Schumacher, CMSP-f

PlanPoint Beginnings

PlanPoint is the visionary brainchild of Leslie Schumacher in a time when smartphones were a distant dream, AOL Instant Messenger was our social lifeline, and Medicare Secondary Payer Compliance was just finding its feet.

In those days, requests for Life Care Plans, Medical Cost Projections, and Medicare Secondary Payer Compliance arrived via endless faxes and paper deliveries, a labyrinth of legal boxes that required a human touch at every turn.

Leslie is recognized as a pioneer in the evolving landscape of Medicare Secondary Payer Compliance, helping to shape its future when the path was unclear. She, along with a group of experts, laid the foundation for what we now recognize as the recognized vehicle for Medicare Set-Aside reporting.

With over 25 years in the MSP industry, Leslie didn't just build industry giants; she crafted her own legacy. So, in 2008, she followed a lifelong dream, founding PlanPoint, a testament to her dedication to compliance, education, and family.

PlanPoint isn't just a destination for industry compliance; it's a beacon of education and a place where we consider our clients friends and family.


From day one, Leslie championed free education and played a pivotal role in creating two nationally recognized certifications that distinguish those equipped to navigate the complexities of Medicare Set-Asides and Medicare Secondary Payer Compliance.

We follow in Leslie's footsteps today, and we invoke her spirit of excellence with each and every service.

PlanPoint is where vision meets action, and pioneers create legacies.

Image by Joshua Hibbert
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